It's A Job, Not A Reality Show

The reality of being a Fashion, Wardrobe, or Celebrity Stylist is not all the glitz and glam TV Shows make it out to be... If you're curious about what an average day is like, it goes a little something like this...

Most days you are:

1. Sending out emails to request wardrobe for your clients, setting up appointments to pull, and scheduling the rest of your day and/or week...

2.  Next, is going to all your appointments, pull wardrobe for your client, shoot, red carpet event and schlep around garment bags (or what I like to call "Body Bags") to and from your car... Possibly up-n-down flights of stairs if showrooms don't have elevators... This is where I get my upper body work out for the day...

3. Head back to studio to prep and go through what you have pulled. After, you either pull more wardrobe, accessories, and shoes or pack up everything for your fitting or shoot. Load up your car and get ready for your event, photo shoot,  or appearance :)

4. Get your client(s) dressed and ready for their show, event, or multiple looks for a Fashion Editorial....

5. Next you have to check in everything using the paperwork (memo) that was given to you when you pulled. Bag everything, label it clearly and legibly. Pack it up and prepare to return everything in a timely fashion :)

That was a very brief summary of what a Stylist does for most basic jobs. Every job is different of course. If you LOVE your job, the rewards definitely out way the schlepping :) When I'm not designing for my label, I am working on styling jobs! It's a lot of work, but also tons of fun if you do it right!

Cheers to all the working stylist out there! 

TGIF peeps! 


  1. very true! no one ever believes me when i tell them its not as glamorous as it may seem.

  2. This is a PERFECT example of a daily wardrobe stylist job. Thank You for sharing this with us ( love it )!!! To be a stylist you have to dedicate 100% of your time and energy into your work. It's all WORTH it in the end. =)

  3. This is a great reality check for those who aspire to be in the styling industry. Great post! Styling is hard work!



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