The Cult Issue

Dress by Katie Jones 

 Shirt, skirt and shoes by Meadham Kirchhoff hat by Laird & Co Hatters.

Dress coat by Corrie Nielsen 

 Shirt by Zak Atkinson trousers by Khystyna Fomenko belt by Zak Atkinson and hat by Laird & Co Hatters

 Dress by Nakkna and hat by Laird Co Hatters

Dress by Bethany Rose Kinsella 

 Dress and jacket by Charlotte Smith 

Sweater by Stolen Girlfriends Club. Top by Li Wai Yin 

Jacket, trousers and shirt by Stolen Girlfriends Club 

 Dress coat by Corrie Nielsen 

Jacket and skirt by Hannah Barr 

Dress by Khrystyna Fomenko and harness by Zak Atkinson 

Dress by Khrystyna Fomenko and harness by Zak Atkinson

Dresses by Jo Ding 

Left: Dress by John Rocha Middle: Kate Pritchard Right: Dress by John Rocha, top by John Schmedly and underskirt by Beyond Retro.

Photographer: Annick Wolfers 
Styling and Creative Direction: Guy Hipwell
Hair and Make Up: Fabio Gomes
Models: Kathleen O, Lisa Schoff, Kazia McKevitt
Fashion Assistants: Tom Bloomfield, Anna Tatton, Nora Sukomstam, and Maria Mcmenemy

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