I recently saw the first season of HBO's: How To Make It In America with a friend. I really thought it was cool how Ben (played by Bryan Greenburg) and CAM (played by Victor Rasuk) were trying to start there own clothing line, and it showed some of the steps and struggles they go through to get started on it... My friend was equally excited and said, "that's kind of what you do, huh?" I told him you should come with me tomorrow and shadow me because I do that and more...

So today, we walked through puddles and slippery snow as I took him around the Garment District and showed him the ins-and-outs of where I go to buy my fabrics, trims, labels, and etc. He shadowed me as I worked on production and negotiated with different contractors and vendors I work with. When we finally had a chance to break for lunch he said "Wow, I learned a lot today." It's a lot of work, but I LOVE IT!

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